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Welcome to our store!

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Terms & Conditions


1. The present document includes General Terms according to which the TRADE COMPANY will offer services to users/clients through an Internet store These terms will be binding for all users. The use of the present Internet store by loading, reviewing and ordering means that you have accepted and will be bound by the General Terms for its use.

2. The identification of the user/client in order to reproduce their statement for acceptance of the General Terms and also for the realized order will be done through storage of the user’s/client’s IP address with any other associated information.

3. The products presented by the website do not represent a legally binding offer and they are a demonstration online catalog describing the product line of the Trader Company.

4. You can order if you are a unregistered or a registered user.

If you are a registered user, please, enter your account using “Login”.

An order can be made by selecting a certain product and clicking on the button "Add to Cart". You will go to your shopping cart where you will see your product. If you want to add some more products, click on the button "Continue with Shopping”. 

The Client will receive a confirmation for their order and by this confirmation it will be considered that a contract was made. The contract will be concluded in Bulgarian and it will be stored in the database of the Supplier.

5. The TRADE COMPANY will reserve its right to reject delivery of a confirmed order in case goods were inaccessible. In case the ordered goods were note present at the warehouse within the business week the TRADE COMPANY will inform the user/client about the depletion of goods by sending a message to the email address or telephone number specified by the client. In case a transfer was made to the account of the Trade Company, the Client ca choose between repayment of the amount (order canceling) or a substitution order.

6. In order to avoid any doubt, the place of contract signing will be specified as Bulgaria.



7. Immediately after the goods were transferred to a courier, the TRADE COMPANY will be relieved from the risks associated with damaging/loss of the goods. The TRADE COMPANY will not be responsible for delays in case the delay was caused by a courier or another delivering entity.

8. Immediately after delivery the goods should be examined carefully by the user/client or persons authorized by them. Possible damages, losses and other harms should be reported immediately to the TRADE COMPANY. The TRADE COMPANY will not be responsible in case damages were established which emerged during the transportation of goods. Each shipment will be insured.

Please, check the content of the shipment before the courier. We provided you with this right in order to increase your safety related to shopping and we allow review of the shipment in the presence of a courier.If you do not do this, the insurance will be void.If at the time of the reception of the goods it had violated (torn) packaging due to improper transportation or if missing items were established, you should contact us immediately or reject the reception of the goods. In case you established damaging of the shipment content a protocol of findings will be prepared and it will be signed by the Client and by the courierBy paying the price for the shipment and the delivery and by signing the delivery documents you will declare your acceptance of the shipment in its current form and with its current content.

The company SVETI TRIFON ZAREZAN EOOD, being owner of the website, will not be responsible in case of problems related to the shipment which you established later. All changes thereafter will be at your expense.

In case inaccurate or wrong address (contact person and/or telephone) was specified at the time the delivery was requested the TRADE COMPANY will not be bound by any obligations for order realization.

8а. At the time the goods were transferred by the user/client or a third party will sign the enclosed documents. A third party will be considered each party which didn’t represent order titular but accepted the delivered goods and was present at the address of the client.

In case reception of the goods was rejected beyond the described cases, the rejection will be considered unfounded and the Client will owe payment of expenses for delivery and return of the goods. In case the Client wasn’t found within the period for delivery realization at the specified address or no access and conditions for transfer of the goods were provided within that period, the TRADE COMPANY will be relieved from the obligations to deliver the goods ordered for purchasing.

8b. In case the delivered goods clearly didn’t meet the specifications of the ordered goods and this could be established by a regular review, the Client can – within 24 hours after the reception – request that the delivered goods were replaced by goods meeting the specifications of the order they had made. In this case the payment of courier costs and costs for replacement of the goods will be at the expense of the TRADE COMPANY.



The TRADE COMPANY does not offer warranty document for its clients for given purchased goods if such warranty wasn’t provided by the producer in advance.



9. All prices in this website are prices of products and this does not include prices for delivery! Prices for delivery are specified separately before finalizing the contract. 

In case goods were sent outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, we should consider that shipments with goods sent to member states of the European Union are not subjected to customs control;

Shipments with goods sent to countries which are not European Union member states should be subjected to customs control.

Shipments with goods for which payment of customs fees is needed will be delivered to the recipient at the customs.

The customs fees due for countries outside the European Union will be paid by the client/user.

The TRADE COMPANY reserves its right to change the prices, available goods and other information in this website with no prior notice.



10. The user / client has the opportunity to review and order the announced goods of the Internet store at

11. The user / client has the right to be informed about the condition of their order.

12. The user / client will have complete responsibility for keeping their user name and password secret and also for all activities realized by them or a third Party through the use of the user name and password. The user should immediately inform the TRADE COMPANY for each case of improper access by using their user name and password and always when danger of such use existed.

13. The user should pay the price of the order according to the specified method at

14. Every client – regardless of whether they were a client of the TRADE COMPANY -

will be obliged to do the following during the use of services:

• the Client should not violate and they should comply with the basic human rights and freedoms, according to the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and acknowledged international acts;

• the Client should abstain from damaging the reputation of other persons and abstain from appealing to violent change in the constitutional order, commitment of crimes, violence against individuals or the encouragement of conflicts based on race, nationality, ethnicity or religion;

• the Client should abstain from the violation of rights of interests of other people, including material or non-material rights and interests such as property rights, intellectual property rights, etc.

• the Client should observe Bulgarian legislation, applicable foreign laws, moral rights, good practices and Internet ethics with regard to the services provided by;

• the Client should inform immediately the TRADE COMPANY for each case of realized or found violation during the use of provided service;

• the Client should not load, send, transfer, distribute or use in any way and never provide to third parties software, computer programs, files, applications or other materials with computer viruses, systems for unauthorized remote control (Trojans), computer code or materials which will stop, hinder, violate or limit the normal functioning of computer hardware or software or telecommunication facilities or realize unauthorized breaking or access to foreign resources or software;

• the Client should abstain from harmful activities;

• the Client should compensate the TRADE COMPANY and any third parties for all suffered damages and missed benefits, including ones related to any costs and paid lawyer fees resulting from presented claims by and/or paid benefits to third parties in relation to Internet websites, hyperlinks, materials or information which the user utilized, placed on the server, sent, distributed, presented to third parties or made available at by violation of the law, the present general terms, good manners or internet ethics.

14а. The Client will be obliged to specify an accurate and valid telephone, delivery address and email address, pay the price of goods, pay the costs related to delivery, all customs fees (if any) and provide access and opportunity for the reception of goods.



According to the Law on Protection of Users and trade rules, the user has the right to present claims in the following cases: established items missing, goods defects, discrepancies related to the specified size, color, price or announced trademark. Beyond this the Client will not have the right to reject reception or payment of the goods which have been ordered. Failing this they will have to pay the incurred costs related to delivery and return of the goods. The claim should be stated up to seven business days after the goods were purchased. When stating the claim the user can request return of the products and repayment of the amount they paid. In this case the TRADE COMPANY will repay the amount (not including transport) not later than 30 business days as of the date when the user stated the claim by postal order or bank transfer (in this case you should specify the bank, IBAN, BIC and name of the account titular). The return, replacement of the product or the repayment of the amount paid by the user will be realized only if the product or products were returned with preserved original packaging and in good order; also the products should not have been used and their labels should be left intact. The transport cost for return of the goods will be at the expense of the client.



15. The TRADE COMPANY will not have the obligation and objective opportunity to control the way users utilize the provided service.

16. The TRADE COMPANY will have the right but not the obligation to keep materials and information placed on the server of

17. The TRADE COMPANY will have the right – at any time and with no notification of the user / client – in case the latter used the services as violation of the present terms and also by assessment of the TRADE COMPANY to cancel, stop or change the provided service in relation to the website use. The TRADE COMPANY will not be responsible to the users and third parties for suffered damages and missed benefits which resulted from the cancellation, stopping, changing or limiting the service; the deletion, modification, loss, lack of trustworthiness, inaccuracy or incompleteness of messages, materials or information transferred, used, recorded or made available by the website

17а. The TRADE COMPANY – after the reception of payment – will be obliged to transfer to the user / client the ownership related to the goods specified for purchase, deliver the specified goods timely and check each item for good working order before sending the goods.

18. The TRADE COMPANY will not be responsible for damages on software, hardware or telecommunication facilities or the loss of data related to materials or resources sought, loaded or used in any way by the provision of service. The advices, consultations or assistance provided by the experts and employees of the TRADE COMPANY in relation to the use of services by the users will not bring any responsibility or obligation for the TRADE COMPANY. The company will not be responsible in case of inaccuracies in the information documents provided by the goods producer.

19. The TRADE COMPANY will have the right to collect and use data related to their users/clients regardless of whether they were registered or not.

20. The information specified in the previous article can be used by the TRADE COMPANY, except in case of explicit disagreement of the user sent to the following email address TRADE COMPANY can collect and use the data in order to improve the provided service. All goals for use of the data by the TRADE COMPANY will take into consideration Bulgarian legislation, applicable international acts and good manners.

21. The TRADE COMPANY will not be responsible for the realization of obligations related to the present contract in case circumstances emerged which have not been stipulated by the TRADE COMPANY and which the TRADE COMPANY was not required to stipulate, including random events, Internet problems and provision of services beyond the control of the TRADE COMPANY.

22. The TRADE COMPANY will have to install cookies on the computers of users. These cookies represent text files which are stored by the webpage on the hard drive of the user and allow restoration of user data with user identification and tracing of activities, websites the user visits, hyperlinks which they use, the information used and stored, etc.

23. The TRADE COMPANY will have the right to use according to its own discretion all comments, proposals, ideas and so on which were sent or proposed by the Internet store users at These will remain property of the company SVETI TRIFON ZAREZAN EOOD and from this perspective the company will not be limited with regard to use or payment of any compensations to users in relation to their comments, ideas and proposals.

24. The TRADE COMPANY will not provide guarantee for the accuracy and entirety of the information published for products since this information is provided by the basic producers.

25. The TRADE COMPANY will not be responsible for possible differences in the colors of purchased products due to characteristics of computer screens. The photos illustrate the appearance of the offered goods and they should not be considered binding in relation to the features of goods. In relation to all other questions you can contact us and we will be glad to reply. We commit ourselves to reply to questions sent to our email address:



26 The TRADE COMPANY guarantees to its users/clients the confidentiality of provided personal information and data. The latter will not be used, provided or brought to the attention of third parties beyond the cases and under the conditions specified in the present General Terms. The TRADE COMPANY will protect the personal data of the user / client which they learned by filling-in the digital form for ordering the purchase. This obligation will no longer be effective in case the Client has provided inaccurate data. Observing the current legislation and provisions of the present General Terms, the TRADE COMPANY can use the personal data of clients only for the goals stipulated in the contract. All other goals for which the data is used will comply with the Bulgarian legislation, applicable international acts, Internet ethics, moral rules and good manners.

26а. The TRADE COMPANY will be obliged to refrain from revealing data of clients of third parties – government bodies, trade companies, natural persons and others, except in cases when an explicit written consent of the Client was received and the information was requested from state institutions or officials who – according to the current legislation – have the powers to request and collect such information and the TRADE COMPANY should provide this information by the power of law.



27. The General Terms can be changed at any time by the TRADE COMPANY also with changes in the characteristics of offered services, the present General Terms and basic changes in legislation.


28. “User/client” means anyone who loaded the website on their computer.

29. “Order” means selected goods and all other attributes related to the method of delivery and payment of goods by the user / client.

30. The internet store is owned by the company SVETI TRIFON ZAREZAN EOOD.

31. All disputes among the parties will be settled in spirit of understanding and good will. In case no agreement was reached, all unsettled disputes, including disputes caused or related to interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination and disputes for filling-in gaps in the contract or its adaptation to newly emerged circumstances will be settled by the competent court associated with the registration of the TRADE COMPANY, according to the Bulgarian legislation.

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Bowl “Trojan pattern"

Bowl “Trojan pattern"

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Bowl “Trojan pattern"

Bowl “Trojan pattern"

Price: 16.00лв.
Bowl “Trojan pattern"

Bowl “Trojan pattern"

Price: 5.00лв.


Folk-style souvenir doll "Lad"

Folk-style souvenir doll "Lad"

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